Artificial viruses for cures and research

Our platform creates artificial viruses radically faster and more efficiently than ever before.

100 X faster. 100 X cheaper.

Viruses have broad applications in research and medical treatments. With our platform, artificial viruses can be created 100 X faster and 100 X more efficiently than ever before. This reduction in cost and time creates unparalleled speed for research and development.

Virus Development Platform

We’re creating a library of genetic sequences—promoters, glycoproteins, and therapeutic cassettes—that produce predictable and repeatable behavior in viruses. All of our artificial viruses come with a kill switch and identifiers to ensure safety.

  1. Viruses are designed on a computer with a constantly expanding library of repeatable genetic sequences and virus features.
  2. Code is fully synthesized into sequence perfect genomes. This reliability cuts steps and time that are required by the previous methods like CRISPR.
  3. We assemble and test the viruses.

Our products

Oncolytic viruses

Some viruses are known to kill cancer cells, these are called oncolytic viruses. Our research and platform is focused on creating oncolytic viruses, and features to them, that can lead into breakthrough cancer research and therapies.

Custom Lentiviruses

Our platform enables the production of fully customized, synthetic lentivirus for our customers. The benefits are a fast turn around, sequence perfect genomes for your project and efficient transduction. Please contact us for more info.


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