Revolutionizing cancer treatment
with precision-designed oncolytic viral therapies

Harnessing the power of synthetic biology
we engineer cancer killing viruses

Our platform

Our state-of-the-art platform is specifically developed to expedite the design and testing of
oncolytic viral therapies.

Computer-Aided Design
Our software enables the freedom to design complex structures and the reuse of existing and proven building blocks

DNA synthesis
Sequence perfect DNA enables our high quality pipeline

Cell transfection and virus testing
We assemble the DNA fragments into complete genomes, transfect cells and make the viruses 

Our products

Our cancer therapies have the following characteristics:

  • Unparalleled safety – using selective infection and selective replication
  • Maximize therapeutic window –  no seroprevalence
  • Highly lytic – ensuring efficient killing of cancer cells
  • Systematic delivery – to treat primary tumor and metastases
  • Cost-effective production – designed with manufacturing in mind