Artificial virus platform

We create oncolytic viruses with unprecedented selectivity and efficiency.

Our first-of-its-kind artificial virus platform designs and builds therapeutics with unprecedented selectivity and efficiency over traditional treatments.

Virus Development Platform

Our “digital first” approach to designing therapeutics ensures extreme precision, scalability, and efficacy in targeted cancer treatment.

  1. Viruses are designed on a computer using our library of verified genetic sequences and virus features.
  2. Code is synthesized into sequence perfect fragments. This reliability cuts steps and time that are required by the previous methods like CRISPR.
  3. We assemble and test the viruses.

Our products

Our cancer therapies have the following characteristics:

  • Highly selective – to only target and kill cancer cells
  • Regulate Immune Response –  to enhance therapeutic effects
  • Penetrate physical barriers – to break down solid tumors
  • Systematic delivery – to treat primary tumor and metastases


We are actively looking for clinical and scientific collaborators. Partner with us: info@humanegenomics.com