Presenting at AACR

Presenting at AACR

AACR 2023

We are excited to announce we are presenting at the AACR annual meeting for the first time. AACR is the American Association for Cancer Research and its meeting is the largest in the world of cancer research. Last year, over 20,000 scientists, clinicians and other health care professionals, and survivors and patient advocates from around the world traveled to New Orleans. The AACR meeting for 2023 is held in Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida and we have been invited to do a poster presentation of our work. The abstract of the poster has been published by AACR. We are presenting the poster on Sunday April 16th from 10am – 3pm local time. If you are at the meeting and want to meet with us, please stop by.

On the poster, we introduce our platform for synthetic oncolytic viruses. We show data validating components for targeting GPC3 and our replication switch, based on an aptazyme. We also present data from our oncolytic virus, made using our platform. It shows great efficacy against Hepatoblastoma cells, and great safety in off target tumor cells and healthy cells. We also present our first mouse data (safety).

We hope to meet other researchers in the field and we hope to meet future collaboration partners on other indications – we are actively searching! In short, we are excited for our first in person opportunity of this scale to get the word out on our work and we cannot wait to see what the reactions will be.

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